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ITAS Clamp Connectors

The internal clamping system is the simplest way of connecting pipes without disruptive crossovers. Frames, edges and handrails on banisters can be placed without further work and rigidly locked by screws. Combined with the special ITAS aluminium profiles, even complex work platforms can be fitted.

Internal Clamping Principle

The clamping rocker is tilted by screwing in the threaded pin. The other side of the clamping rocker pushes the pressure piece against the inner side of the tube. Without any special treatment, the tube construction is rigidly locked by easily fastening a screw.
The internal clamping system provides a safe solution for the erection of rails, rack constructions, guards, staircases and work platforms of any kind. Absolutely no pre-processing needed!

Quick Change Principle (SWS)

Working and machining areas can now be made accessible with only a few handholds using the ITAS quick change system.
The complicated process of removing rail segments is no longer required. The SWS-System pairs the combinability of the internal clamp system with the easy assembly and disassembly of elements. This provides a great advantage over traditional rail systems.

Product Downloads: RK Stairworks

Rose+Krieger Bio

  • Company: Rose+Krieger
  • Product Types: Linear Actuators, Lifting columns, Tubular Clamps, Aluminum Framing
  • Website: https://www.rk-rose-krieger.com
  • Owned By: Pheonix Mecano
  • Headquarters: Minden, Germany
  • Made In: Germany, USA
  • Founded In: 1972
  • Ships from: Minden, Germany
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