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Linear Servo Motor
Nippon Pulse linear shaft motors

Nippon Pulse's Linear Shaft Motor is a brushless, high-precision direct drive linear servo motor with a tubular design. The motor consists of a magnetic shaft and coil assembly (forcer), and is driven and controlled by the flow of current.

The Linear Shaft Motor can replace ball-screws, pneumatics, U-shaped motors and other linear motion systems.

Design Concepts of the Linear Shaft Motor

  • Simple: Two parts and a non-critical air gap
  • Non-Contact: No wearing and maintenance free
  • High Precision: Ironless design and all the magnetic flux is used

Linear Shaft Motor Specification Overview

  • Variety of shaft diameters, ranging from 4mm to 100mm
  • Stroke lengths of 20mm to 4.6M
  • Achievable peak force of 2340N
  • Maximum continuous force of 585N

Advantages of Linear Servomotors

The Linear Shaft Motor is a simple, high-efficiency, high-precision motor that requires no maintenance over its lifetime. The servo motor consists of only two parts: a magnetic shaft, and a "forcer" of wound coils. The Linear Shaft Motor offers ultra-high precision because it has no iron in the forcer or shaft, giving you the precision and zero cogging expected in a coreless design while providing the stiffness expected in an iron-core motor.

Because the forcer coil completely wraps around the shaft's internal magnets, all the motor's magnetic flux is efficiently used. This allows for a 0.5mm to 2.5mm nominal annular air gap between the shaft and forcer. This air gap is non-critical, meaning there is no variation in force as the gap changes over the stroke length of the device.

Applications for Linear Servomotors

Nippon Pulse's Linear Shaft Motor can be used in a variety of applications, including pick-and-place machines and dispensing machines. Applications that require smooth, precise movements and high accuracy will benefit from the Linear Shaft Motor. If your application has varying force requirements or low-power/high-efficiency requirements, contact an applications engineer to learn how your application can benefit from the Linear Shaft Motor servomotor.

Tin-Can Stepper Motors
Nippon Pulse Tin-Can stepper motors

Rotary Stepper Motor Since 1965

Nippon Pulse's steppers offer a conventional, magnet-driven rotary stepper motor that is both high-performance and cost-efficient. Nippon Pulse has been manufacturing the rotary stepper motor since 1965.

Product Features of the Stepper Motor

  • Several customization options are available on all tin-can steppers
  • Prototyping within 24 hours
  • Any of our standard series motors can be customized to meet the unique needs of your application

Linear Stepper Motors
Nippon Pulse linear stepper motors

Nippon Pulse's linear stepper motors are designed to provide a simple, tin-can linear actuator at a fraction of the cost of a conventional rotary-to-linear stepper system. Nippon Pulse's LINEARSTEP® tin-can linear actuators have multiple customization options available.

Advantages of Linear Steppers:

Nippon Pulse's LINEARSTEP® series is a standalone, low-cost linear motor that does not need external feedback. LINEARSTEP® motors offer direct linear motion without any mechanical transformers, which allow you to design a simple system at a fraction of the cost of conventional rotary-to-linear stepper systems. LINEARSTEP® motors offer engineers flexibility to match their application requirements.

Applications for Linear Steppers:

You can use Nippon Pulse linear stepper motors in many different applications including syringe/pumps, hexapods, and low cost linear stages.

Linear Stepper Motor Product Sizing

  • Offered in diameters of 25mm and 35mm
  • Can also be ordered with one of three thread pitches on the lead screw (0.48mm, 0.96mm, and 1.2mm)
  • Linear stepper motors can be ordered with unipolar or bipolar windings and with a variety of usable voltages

Synchronous Motors
Nippon Pulse synchronous motors

Nippon Pulse's synchronous motors are constant speed, permanent magnet motors. These motors are perfect for timing applications

Design Concepts of Synchronous Motors

  • Available in both single direction (shaded pole design) and reverse direction (phase-shift by capacitor)
  • Built with internal impedance protection, so the shaft can be continuously stalled without danger of burning the coils
  • A wide variety of plastic and metal gear heads are available on all models

Linear Hybrid Stepper
Nippon Pulse hybrid stepper motors

Nippon Pulse's linear hybrid stepper motors function in a wide variety of applications and include an integral lead screw or ball screw for converting rotary motion into linear motion. Our linear hybrid stepper motors feature superior response characteristics, and function in a wide variety of applications. The motors include an integral lead screw for converting rotary motion into linear motion.

Nippon Pulse's hybrid linear stepper motors are suitable for medical devices, microtiter tables, fluid dispensers, semiconductor wafer handling machines, optical systems, and data storage machines.

Nippon Pulse Bio

  • Company: Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Ltd (NPM)
  • Product Types: Linear Shaft Motors, Stepper Motors, Stepper Actuators
  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
  • Made In: Japan, China
  • Ships from: Radford, VA
  • Nippon Pulse Downloads: Nippon Pulse Downloads

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