Custom Cable Assemblies

MotionUSA has expanded its capabilities to provide custom cables to fit your specific various requirements including custom cable designs and manufacturing for one-off or production quantities.

We can provide a wide variety of high quality cable types with any gauge wires needed, shielded or unshielded, straight or twisted pair, standard flex or high flex, and robotic.

We can also accommodate any variety of connector types including circular, D-Sub, power plugs, polarized, RCA, Molex, and Phoenix. Standard pin configurations, high density, crimp style, any soldering jobs. Whatever your cabling needs, we can help!

Call 800-463-5959 or send cable requirements to to discuss your project and get a quote.

Contact MotionUSA: If you are looking for a quote or have any questions about Custom Cable Assemblies, please submit your request here! or call 1-800-463-5959 to speak with an engineer.

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