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BL 2D Backlit LED Backlight
BL128 Backlit Low Profile
BL138 High Pwr Linear Backlight
BL168 High Pwr Linear Backlight
BL193 Low Pwr Linear Backlight
BL5420 Small Area Backlight
BX 2D Edge Lit LED Backlight
CB 2D Backlit Collimated Light
CX 2D Edge-Lit Collimated Light
MicroBrite BT Edge Lit Backlight

Bar Lights

AL116 Compact Bar Light
AL126 Compact Bar Light
AL150 Broad Area Bar Light
AL179 High Power Bar Light
AL295 MicroBrite Bar Light
LL174 General Purpose Bar Light
LL174 Gen Purpose Static Light
QM116 Quad Mounted Lights
QM126 Quad Mounted Lights

Coaxial Lights

DL072 Medium Power Coax Light
DL085 Low Power Coaxial Light
DL104 Medium Power Coax Light
DL110 Linear Coaxial Light
DL225-25 High Power Coax Light
DL225-50 High Power Coax Light
DL225-75 High Power Coax Light
DL225-100 High Pwr Coax Light
DL225-150 High Pwr Coax Light
DL2449 Low Power Coaxial Light
DL3316 Low Power Coaxial Light
DL37100 Low Pwr Coaxial Light
DL38144 Low Pwr Coaxial Light

Diffuse Lights

DL067 Large Area Diffuse Light
DL071 Large Area Diffuse Light
DL080 Large Area Diffuse Light
DL097 Gen Purpose Diffuse Light
DL151 Linear Diffuse Light
DL180 Large Area Diffuse Light
DL194 Gen Purpose Diffuse Light
DL2230 Gen Purpose Diff. Light
FD 2D Backlit Flat Diffuse Light
FX 2D Edge Lit Flat Diffuse Light

Line Lights

LL137 High Power Line Light
LL158 Oblique Line Light
LL163 Low Power Line Light
LL232 MicroBrite High Performance Line Light

Bright Field Ring Lights

RL113 High Performance Light
RL121 High Performance Light
RL127 High Performance Light
RL1424 Low Power Ring Light
RL169 High Performance Light
RL208 MicroBrite High Performance Ring Light
RL2316 Low Power Ring Light
RL36120 Low Power Ring Light
RL4260 Low Power Ring Light
RL5064 Low Power Ring Light

Dark Field Ring Lights

DF196 MicroBrite Ring Light
DF197 MicroBrite Ring Light
DF198 MicroBrite Ring Light
RL1360 Low Power Ring Light
RL152 High Performance Light
RL1660 Low Power Ring Light
RL2115 Compact Ring Light
RL3536 Low Power Ring Light
RL3940 Low Power Ring Light
RL5064 Low Power Ring Light

Spot Lights

AL143 Gen Purpose Spot Light
SL073 Gen Purpose Spot Light
SL112 Spot/Coaxial Light
SL1236 Low Power Spot Light
SL147 Gen Purpose Spot Light
SL162 Spot/Coaxial Light
SL164 Gen Purpose Spot Light
SL185 High Performance Light
SL191 Pattern Generating Light
SL191 Pattern Gen. Light Pkg
SL223 MicroBrite Spot/Coaxial
SL2420 Low Power Spot Light
SL2507 Low Power Spot Light
SL4301 Low Power Spot/Coaxial


Advanced Illumination


Advanced Illumination Bio

  • Company: Advanced illumination, Inc.
  • Product Types: Lighting solutions
  • Website: www.advancedillumination.com
  • Headquarters: Rochester, VT
  • Founded: 1993
  • Ships from: Rochester, VT

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