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Cone Drive Bio

  • Company: Cone Drive Operations, Inc.
  • Product Types: Gear Boxes, Worm Gears
  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Traverse City, MI
  • Made In: Traverse City, MI
  • Founded: 1920
  • Ships from: Traverse City, MI
  • Cone Drive Downloads: Cone Drive Downloads

Cone Drive is the recognized global leader in the design and production of double-enveloping worm gearing, renowned for its durability and precision. The product range includes the Model HP, Model HP-A, Series B, DuoDrive, Extruder Drive, Series W, Model RG, Series E and Series P. These products find use in a host of applications, from rock crushers to robots. Our experienced application engineering staff can help you find a solution to your application needs, from standard product to custom engineered. Cone Drive offers dedicated sales and service through its head office in Traverse City and Ludington, Michigan.

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