CGI designs and builds high quality gearheads for AC induction motors, permanent magnet DC motors, stepmotors and servomotors. CGI can supply a complete motion control package, consisting of encoders, gearmotors, motion controllers, etc., to meet your application's requirements. From the simple to the complex, CGI can supply off-the-shelf products or provide a custom-fit solution. CGI has a large installed base of SI Series Spur Inline Gearheads, RS/DS Series Spur Right Angle Gearheads, PN Series Paragon Inline Planetary, RN/DN Series Paragon Right Angle Planetary, PL Series Prime Inline Planetary, PM Series Primetric, and RC/DC Series Prime Right Angle Planetary gearheads. New Inline Planetary Series include the PR Series Predator, RTA Series Raptor, RTX Series Raptor, and VP Series Victory Planetary.

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