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Applied Motion Products (AMP) specializes in high-precision, cost-effective motion control products. AMP offers a full complement of stepper and servo drives, motors, controllers, and power supplies to serve a diverse industrial and OEM customer base. Applied Motion Products (AMP) products are controlled with the SI programming language. Earlier products were the Si3540 and Si5580 with the Si indicating that it was programmed with the SI programming language, the 35 indicating 3.5 amps and the 40 indicating the bus voltage. Earlier Applied Motion Products drives were only capable of lower bus voltages up to 80 volts and were intolerant to overvoltage, requiring expensive regulated power supplies. Newer Applied Motion Products are the ST Stepper Drives, STR Stepper Drives, STAC6 Stepper Drives and STAC5 Stepper Drives. The step motors are imported from China. Applied Motion Products has also released some servo drive lines known as the SV7 and SVAC3 product lines.

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