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  • Company: Moog Animatics
  • Product Types: Servo Motors, Smart Motors, Servo Systems
  • Website:
  • Owned By: Moog, Inc.
  • Headquarters: Milpitas, CA
  • Made In: USA
  • Founded: 1987
  • Ships from: Milpitas, CA
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Moog Animatics designs, manufactures and brings to life the ultimate integrated, motion control solution: an easily programmable servo motor without the separation of a cabinet of controls and circuits and with the independence of a drive, amplifier and encoder all in one compact package. The Animatics Smartmotor is a highly programmable integrated brushless servo motor system that is integrated with a motor, encoder, amplifier, controller, network communications, and I/O. Animatics Smartmotors were available with D-Sub Style connectors only but now the industrial M-Style connectors are available. Motor sizes range from NEMA 17 (SM7205D), NEMA 23 (SM23165D, SM2375DT) to NEMA 34 (SM34165D, SM34505D). Part number configurations can vary with many communications options available.

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